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Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms 3+1 Multi Color NEW 2021

Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms 3+1 Multi Color NEW 2021

Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms 3+1 Multi Color NEW 2021    Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms 3+1 Multi Color NEW 2021
Our consultancy team welcomed the addition of one of the best carp anglers in the game in the form of UK team member, Adam Penning. Adam needs little introduction, having worked in the fishing industry in excess of 30-years and we've wasted no time in using Adam's 30+ years of angling experience to help us develop fresh product ideas to bolster Prologic already strong portfolio, many of which will come to fruition towards the end of 2017.

As a full time carp angling tutor, Adam spends 5-days a week on the bank and has certainly played a key role in testing our gear to the absolute limit and, thanks to his great understanding of products, we're able to adapt projects accordingly. One thing that hasn't changed is our passion for carp fishing. All of our products are designed by passionate carp anglers, for passionate carp anglers as it always has been.

Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms. Elegant retro styled, magnetic roller wheel bite alarms, packed full of extra features and tech, for the concerning professional angler. 3 years of development and a rigorous testing programme. The RMX-Pro is a completely new and refined design boasting all new internals and components offering up a whole new generation of technological and functional advances. D Choose between 6 colour options at the push of a button.

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple & White. Pro-Sync Once Paired, automatically synchronises the Bite alarm settings to the receiver, so you will only have to adjust your preferred Tone and L.

D colour settings on the bite alarm unit once. Mute Mode The classically styled and very functional 3 stage toggle switch offers a mute mode (Middle Position).

Which also activates a curtesy light Drop Back White L. D on the Bite alarm.

Allowing the angler not only to adjust and set their bobbins in perfect silence, but also without the use of a headtorch. The night lights use energy efficient low battery consumption technology. The night lights operate at only 30% of their total brightness ensuring battery consumption is kept to a very minimum.

Fitted within the forward facing & extending snag ears and underneath the roller wheel. Bite-Tec Automatically cancels out the night light functions aiding for a much clearer visual presence when a bite is in progress and automatically resets itself after latching light sequence. Pro-Sec alerts the angler both visually and audible via the receiver that the Bite alarm has been turned off. Bite & Light Integral 2 brightness settings Bivvy Light can be set to automatically Illuminate when a bite is in progress. Helping you make for a much quicker response time while illuminating the Bivvy as well as your exit route - move On/Off switch in to middle position.

DSR - Digitally Synchronised Roller By increasing the size of the 4-magnet roller wheel and with the help of some very clever technological advances. Has allowed us to offer a much wider spectrum of sensitivity settings while keeping the adjustment needed to a minimum. This helps eliminate false bites and greatly reduces the alarms being triggered prematurely by water movement and environmentally disturbances such as wind and floating weed. Precision 3 stage toggle Switch. Up - On, Middle - Mute, Down - Off.

V - 6+1 Volume/silent settings. T - 6 Tone settings. S - 4 Sensitivity settings. L - 6 multi-colour L.

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple & White. Audible double beep drop-back alert with dedicated drop back L. Night light - underlit roller wheel and forward-facing snag ear illumination with Bite-Tec cancelling recognition.

Mute mode with dedicated courtesy L. DSR -Helps eliminate false bites. 3 Stage twist & lock extendable snag ears. 15mm Black 4 Magnet roller. 2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries (Not included).

Precision 3 stage toggle Switch. Right - On, Middle - Bite & Light Mode, Left - Off.

V -6 + 2 Volume Settings. M - Last bite/Memory Function with visual L. True one to one bite detection. Bite & Light Integral 2 brightness stetting Bivvy Light. Pro-Sec Automatically sounds the receiver with flashing L.

D when the Bite alarm is turned off. Pro -Sync Tone and L.

D colours are automatically synchronised from the Bite alarms to the receiver. Operates with 4 x AAA 1.5V batteries (Not Included). Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms.

Bite Alarms Sets: 3+1 (with receiver) Color: Multicolor Type of bite alarm: Electronic bite alarm. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Fishing\Anglers' Equipment\Bite Alarms". The seller is "fishing-mart-poland" and is located in this country: PL. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Model: PRO-65013
  2. Colour: Multicoloured
  3. Brand: Prologic
  4. Type: Electronic

Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms 3+1 Multi Color NEW 2021    Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Set Bite Alarms 3+1 Multi Color NEW 2021